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Mark Sepic

Guitar, Instrumentalist, Artist

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Mark plays a variety of music, namely originals and classics in
jazz/bossa-nova/pop/rock/soul/blues genres, including, but not limited
to: Sinatra, Beatles, Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, James Taylor, James

This sometimes includes live looping/multi-tracking, so that every
complete verse adds a track, by the end of which there are 10 tracks or
more, resulting in a comic, stand up miracle of sorts. It's not louder,
only richer, and quite entertaining and sometimes includes audience interactions.
interactively, if desired.

In the instrumental vein, Mark highlights the versatility and myriad voices
of the guitar, from traditional Flamenco, Samba and Classical to Modern
Jazz, Blues/ Funk and, as in cooking, what he calls *Global Fusion.

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