The Redwood Theatre - EVENTS & STREAMS

Productions by MediaTribe


Operated by The Inventors Nest


Contact Information:

Address: 1300 Gerrard St. E

Toronto, On

M4L 1Y7


Tel: 647-547-4410

Entertaining East Toronto since 1914

1955-Mar Classic Theatre (s1278_fl0046_i
Built 1914


Vaudeville theatre until 1929

Cinema until 1959


A Pennyworths Department Store Warehouse until 1995.


Warehouse and amature theatre space, cabaret stage and circus school until 2017.


The Redwood is now a working theatre with a focus on music performances and recording, broadcast, circus, comedy, dance, and technology centre.  

The Redwood Theatre

Content creators for online broadcast

Professional Video & Audio Production

Professional Circus Training Facility

VR and 360 video technology production and presentation hub

Tactile-acoustic research centre

Media Spa

Patio Concerts and Shows

French Cafe and bottle shop

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