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Welcome to
Redwood Theatre 

A Boutique theatre, lounge, cafe, and studio






Production - Film, Audio, VR

Our Story

A bit about us

1914 Theatre Reborn

The Redwood Theatre was built in 1914 .

Originally designed for vaudeville, as the Kings Royal Theatre.

Soon to be renamed The Classic Theatre.

Cinema comes to the theatre in the early 1920s.

Theatre closes in 1959 and is relaunched as Pennyworth's department store and warehouse. 

1995 begins a new era of rebuilding the theatre to support entertainment again.

2005 Circus training and performance centre is launched, featuring Zero Gravity Circus and the legendary Lunacy Cabaret.

2017 Theatre is closed to make way for a new condo development.

2018 Inventors Nest rescues the theatre and launches our not-for-profit innovation centre for technology and entertainment.

2020 launches the MediaTribe production facility for film and broadcast of live performances.

2019 Le Conciliabule launches their new French Cafe, brunch and wine shop in the Redwood Cafe Space


2023: The Redwood Theatre is reborn as a new entertainment centre supporting innovation in Toronto's East Side and is rapidly developing new programs and exciting opportunities for the arts.  

Colored Theatre Lights

Circus returns to the Redwood

The Rainbow Circus is now at the Redwood,

Training programs for kids and adults.

Aerial Silks for all ages and levels.

Classes by Jayden are full for this semester, but will be open for registration again this spring.

Check out their page for more information 

Rising talent and classic legends

Music at the Redwood

The Redwood is a new stage for some great legends of music. New performers are also making their mark on the Redwood Stage. 

The stage at the redwood, with an orange glow as lighting
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