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El Zabar Drums

Welcome to The
Redwood Theatre 

A Boutique Theater for All to Enjoy

Hot off the Press

What All the Buzz is About

Play Preview Season Begins!

Innovative theatre groups are gathering together at the Redwood Theatre, in support of a new movement in arts, addressing the recent changes to the way people interact publically by providing more elegant and spacious surroundings, in line with a quality experience of the arts. 

Expect to see some premieres before the end of this year! 

Intimacy in a perfectly balanced acoustic room with a continually updating selection of natural wines, craft brews, and occasional treat from the Conciliabule Lab. 

Colored Theatre Lights
Piano on Dim Stage

Local Theater Hires New Executive Director

This just in! 

Look out for a new head of programming and production, coming to the Redwood in 2023!

Some hints are already starting to show up so this is something to look forward to!


Rising talent and classic legends

This child virtuoso was captured on film my the Media Tribe at the 2020 performance of Symphony in the Barn. 

Keeping up with the Media Tribe is challenging, but at least we can relive the brilliant performances on demand on the Redwood Media Network. 

All shows available to members 

Membership is free for the rest of the year!

Trumpet Player

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1300 Gerrard St.East, Toronto, On. M4L 1Y7


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