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The Orbit Room lives!

After many trials and tribulations, losing a building, COVID, and general exhaustion, Tim Notter has revived the beloved Orbit Room at the Redwood Theatre. While the Redwood likes to call this project The Orbit Room East, we also like to remove the notion of the east-west divide in Toronto, and keep the cohesion of one city alive, at least in this blog.

After launching the Orbit Room at the Redwood Theatre back in March 2023, the response has been phenomenal, and the project will continue bringing the quality and talented musicians who make the Orbit Room a legendary venue in Toronto for live music.

Next show is Monkey House, Friday October 13.

More shows are already booked, and tickets are available.

As we move further in developing this community, we will be providing special rates, and other goodies to the Orbit Room community, noting that this is what we are about! Community is all we are, and without you, we would not be here, so while we continue to develop our foothold in the new location, we wanted to make sure you, the Orbit Room community, know you are appreciated, and we are doing this strictly out of the love and respect we have for the musicians, and the supporters who bring the energy and joy that keeps us alive!

Warmest regards, and back soon!


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