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Our Team Members and Advisors

Building a centre for arts and technology takes a village. Ours is global, and full of amazing people!


Bill King

Advisory Board Member

Broadcaster, pianist-composer-publisher Bill King is a multi-talented individual whose recording and production credits include ‘Live! In Session’ by Liberty Silver; ‘Magnolia Nights, Moment’s Notice’ by Bill King and the Jazz Report All-Stars, ‘From The Heart’ a tribute to piano great Oscar Peterson, ‘East Side Symphony - Sophie Milman’s self titled debut which has topped 100,000 sales worldwide amongst several others. These projects highlight King’s versatility as both keyboardist, composer and arranger. King is two time recipient of the National Jazz Award producer of the Year and voted The Paul Hoeffler Jazz Photographer of the Year. King published the international music magazine The Jazz Report.


Keith Holding

Production Director

Innovator and master of video production and creation


Sandra Battaglini

Mayor of Comedy

Brilliant funny lady, master of sketch, comedy, writing and performance


Sheldon de Souza

Show Advisor

Composer, musician, performer, innovator in production


Duncan Fremlin


Whiskey Jack, Stompin Tom, Doogie & Dun... Legend!


Stuart Butts

Sustainability Director

Entrepreneur, lawyer, sustainability thinker, farm ambassador


John Kameel Farah

Music Director

Icon of musical geneous, classic mixes with electronic


Graham Thomas Smith

Artistic Tech Director

Inventor, artist, innovator in technology and arts


Dr. Maria Karam

Executive Director

Inventor, computer scientist, building rescuer


Professor Ronald M. Baecker

Director Innovation

Professor, inventor, legend in computer sciences


Andrew Craig

Theatre and Culture Director

Accomplished musician, playwright, and director of Culchaworks, polymath.


Robert Indrigo

Managing Director

Behind the scenes guru

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