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Be part of this new tradition! 

Locally handcrafted items.

Artists designs, clothing, art, bags, soaps, trinkets, beauty and bath, crafts, jams, treats, raffles & more!

Craft beer, natural wine.

All proceeds from our raffle, which will include items from all of our vendors and some more supporters, including  The Big Carrot will be donated to the Red Door Shelter. 

This year, we raised $500 for the Red Door, with the added contributions from the Doogie and Dun Christmas show. 


The Redwood Christmas Market was a great success, with over 25 vendors of hand crafted, local, artisanal gift items that make supporting your local suppliers the top choice for gift giving opportunities.  Stay tuned for next event in Spring, 2023.


Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 11.43.41 AM.png

On behalf of the vendors who took part in the Redwood Christmas Market, plus a little help from our friends Doogie and Dun, we were able to contribute $500 to the Red Door Shelter. 

Letter of acknowledgement screenshot, via our director, Maria Karam.

Thank you!

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