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Music, Video Production, Live Stream

The Redwood Theatre is a multidisciplinary arts centre where music, dance, circus, comedy, theatre, installation art, film, production, and food interact.

  • The Redwood Theatre includes:

  • Bar, VIP lounge featuring craft beer on tap

  • Curated wines, beverages

  • 4.5' high stage

  • Adamson sound system, with double 18' bass

  • QU-24 mixing board with recording capabilities

  • 4 wedge monitors & mixes

  • 15 microphones and stands

  • 24 lights and digital board

  • 200 seats (or 250 standing)

  • Cafe tables, folding tables

  • Professional aerial circus training centre

  • 4k - 20'screen for film events

  • Ticketing system in house

  • Tactile Sound Chairs (available upon request) for accessibility and enhanced experiences

The Redwood Building
Circus School
Live Music
Kids Afterschool Circus
Epic Concerts
Professional Aerial AcrobaticsTraining Centre
Flexible Seating Arrangements
Seating for 200
Craft Beer on Tap
Lounge Seating
Lounge View

A few additional notes about the Redwood

  • The Redwood Theatre is an inclusive and welcoming space

  • The Redwood is a barrier-free venue

  • We are a zero-waste building, meaning we are not able to accept waste that is brought in from outside. We ask all patrons to help us by removing any waste brought into the building. There are 2 city-waste bins outside that can be used to disposed of items. Alternatively, ask the staff.

  • The Redwood Theatre is a not-for-profit organization - currently not funded by any external organizations. 

  • The Redwood is not a sound proof building

  • The Redwood does not have any kitchen or cooking facilities

  • The Redwood is a vegetarian building

  • The Redwood is a safe space for everyone to enjoy


1300 Gerrard St. E, Toronto, Ontario, M4L 1Y7

Accessible via the 506 Street car line (TTC)

@ Greenwood Ave

Greenwood Subway station

Take the 31 bus south to Gerrard st. and walk east

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