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The digital media industry is adapting as advances in technology and infrastructure constantly reshape how we do business and execute projects. MediaTribe is a thought-leader in the industry, having created solutions for many facets of business including diversified media, film, broadcast television, recorded music, live events, and internet services. Our client’s benefit from our expertise in this field, as well as our seamless execution and ability to innovate. Whether you’re local or from out of town and looking for a Toronto crew, MediaTribe can help make sure your project gets off on the right foot.

Produced at The Redwood

During 2020, MediaTribe produced a series of videos for local and international artists. 
These are available for free!

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We can accommodate a range of budgets, and are experienced in working on small one-camera shoots to large multi-camera shows, and even multi-media events with live online streaming and broadcasts.

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